Hi There! My name is Luc Princen, I live in the Netherlands. I like creating stuff for the web & solving problems.


I’m offering three types of services. I love solving problems related to development and design. I’m a stickler for quality, documentation and maintainable code. If you care about those things too, then I’d love to work with you.

I’m currently not available to discuss new projects.

WordPress Development

I'm a skilled WordPress developer who has been working with the platform for over 9 years now. I like working on custom plugins and themes. I also like giving advice on setting up WordPress development environments and on scaling and hosting WordPress.

Frontend Development

I really like delivering semantic and accessible frontend code. Progressive enhancement in this is really important to me. I also care a lot about load times and maintainability. I usually work in Sass & Vue, but I'm a quick study if these libraries don't suit your project.

Web apps & Games

I have about 4 years of experience creating (online) games and web apps. I like working with tools like Laravel and Meteor and am proficient in some Javascript canvas libraries. If you have a crazy idea kicking around: let me know! Let's be creative together!

A note on my WordPress services

I care about quality, maintainabily and delivering as much value as possible. That’s why I don’t do rush work and I don’t compete on prices. So if you’re looking for somebody for the lowest possible price you’re better off finding someone else.

Though I am able to, I’m not the guy you hire to click together and configure your WordPress site for you. There are people who are better suited for that job because of their patience and your budget.

That being said; I’d love to help you in any custom WordPress project you might have. If both the deadline and budget are realistic, you can expect my absolute best. Let’s work together and get WordPress out of it’s comfort-zone!

That sounds perfect! Let's work together!

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I work with a set of two hourly rates:

€ 90,- per hour

If you like to hire me for a fixed price; this is the hourly rate we’re discussing. The reason for this is simple: as a developer, I’m supposed to give you a quote on something that we haven’t build yet. While chances are that -during the process- we run into issues we didn’t anticipate before. This meaning that the project is still inside the original scope, just with an extra challenge. With this hourly rate you can be certain that I will finish the job nonetheless and I won’t charge you extra for the work.

Consultency and team training also fall under this rate.

€ 75,- per hour

This is my regular hourly rate. Obviously, before we start a project together, I will give you a quote and in it I will tell you how many hours I think I need for the project. If the project goes well and I end up needing less hours; great! I won’t charge you for more. If it ends up being more than the originally quoted amount I will tell you before-hand and we can decide together wether work should continue.


I bill dependent on the project. If your project spans multiple months, I will send you a bill for the work done each month. If it’s a smaller project I require a downpayment of 50% upfront. After technical delivery I will bill another 40% and the last 10% will either be billed when the project goes live or one month after delivery; whichever comes first.

Each bill will have a detailed time sheet of the work that has been done.