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So here we go; a new blog on a new domain. I’m trying to write more this year, so a personal blog felt like a proper solution. There is, however, a big difference in how I created this blog compared to my previous personal sites. It’s running on Jekyll instead of WordPress.


I’ve been using Jekyll to generate static pages for documentation for about two years now and ever since then I’ve loved it. It loads super-quick, markdown writes really easily and you do not accidentally publish a post (since you would have to commit it using GIT).

I still have to dive deeper into theming for Jekyll though. Right now I’m running an of-the-rack theme (it’s the Hyde theme, in case you’re wondering) with a few css changes (I changed the fonts and obviously the background using some css variables) which is fine for now, but I always like to keep tweaking my site, so eventually I will replace it.

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